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Was a little cold when it arrived so had to put in the oven which was annoying as we were really hungry

Hayley, 01 May 2021

I am not happy with my Indian, it was delivered cold and watery, and I can’t taste the difference between chicken tikka masala and chicken korma

Toni, 01 May 2021

Fantastic food

Debb, 13 Apr 2021

Great food!

Tim, 10 Apr 2021

Love your food!

Shona, 09 Apr 2021

Brilliant food, fantastic service, always spot on!

John, 26 Mar 2021

Why is my food cold!!! If you can't facilitate hot food then you shouldn't advise. Really disappointed.

Matt, 19 Mar 2021

very good very nice

Dylan, 02 Mar 2021

Food was lovely. Tuesday special good value for money, thanks for sending me the text reminder. Delivery driver very pleasant. Only negative thing I can think of is it said over 50 mins delivery but I think it was much quicker than that. Thank you

Lynda, 23 Feb 2021

Good quality ingredients before cooked and after is the key to a tasty dish.

Luke, 16 Feb 2021

First time using Massala and found the food amazing value. Will definitely order again in the future.

Alison, 16 Feb 2021

Good evening. I placed an order late last night but didnt recieve anything. You were closed when I called. It was for 306 bramford road. Can I either arrange a refund or to have it delivered today. Many thanks. 07402714141

Laura, 14 Feb 2021

Excellent food

Lee, 12 Feb 2021

Well that's the quickest way to make sure we, and no one we know will ever order from you again! For the record, people receiving good customer service tell (on average) 5 people. Bad customer service 20 people. Myself and my partner both deliver to 30 + people PER DAY. we will be sure to tell them ALL not to order from you!!! Arrange refund ASAP or we will be taking this further. Bad call guys. Seriously

Laura, 08 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thank you for your input, we have taken on board your feedback once again. We appreciate your time and efforts. Your refund had been processed as soon as you put down the phone and depending on how long your bank takes it should be with you with 3-5 working days. Stay safe out there as the snow is ever rising and spread the word. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Not happy. Don’t bother!! Took my order (&my money) said would be an hour max. Still waiting nearly 2 hours later!!!! Called them after 1hr 30 and was told good was on hot plate but would be at least another 45 mins til delivered!! Rubbish service. Unhelpful phone contact. Order elsewhere. Seriously!!!!

Laura, 08 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thank you for your kind words and phone etiquette was pleasure filled for ones ears. Your order has been refunded with that you can buy yourself some online lessons on anger management. Regards

Where told our food was going to be an hour am still now and it’s been an 1hr 45 mins just been told it’ll be another 40 minutes!!!!

Phil Smith, 08 Feb 2021

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Chloe Spark, 03 Feb 2021

Good value and quality food. Never had issues.

Sebina, 29 Jan 2021

Always great service

Chloe, 26 Jan 2021

Thank you for our food this evening, we were really impressed with the quick delivery and the set meal you had available. Unfortunately we didn’t feel the quality was very good in comparison to other local Indians, both curry’s had very dry chicken, with watery sauces, the onion bhajis / samosas lacked texture and size, they tasted like a supermarket product. Because of the above we barely touch our meals. We don’t want to knock a company trading in these difficult times but we hope you can take our feedback on board. Thanks.

Sam, 23 Jan 2021

  Reply : We do appreciate your honesty and feedback and apologies for your experience with us. During the busy period quality tends to drop which is something we are working on at the moment. Do try us one more time to rectify our mistakes. Regards

Excellent food

Elizabeth, 02 Jan 2021

I've ordered a couple of times and enjoyed both however last night I was left very disappointed. I understand it was NYE so you were very busy, however stating 55 minutes for delivery and taking 1hr45 is very different. Once I opened the bag chips were drenched in grease and went straight in the bin. Onion bhajis I should have recieved four although only two came which I was disappointed with until I tried one. Dense and dry so went with the chips in the bin. The starter bundle is a lovely idea, however because of how it came the samosas were soggy due to the onions that came with the chicken instead of being nice and crisp. The lamb was dry and wasnt right. The main chicken tikka was great, flavoured but not spicy, rice nice and light. Potatoes though a bit boring. Overall it was a disappointment. Nearly £20 with things not being edible and such a long wait I doubt I will be using you again.

Kirsty, 01 Jan 2021

  Reply : Dear Customer, I do apologise about your experience with us on NYE and appreciate your honesty. What was meant to be a happy new years celebration for us all became stress laden and would appreciate if you could give us one more try. We do believe quality should be served with all our meals and for you it was lacking and we are deeply sorry for it. Do get in contact and we will compensate you tp the best of our ability. Wishing you a very prosperous new year. Massala

Thanks for another great meal, the dessert you made was good too, was it Gulab Jaman, very nice :)

Mark, 29 Dec 2020

  Reply : Glad you enjoyed it, yes we'll be making them more regularly with other traditional sweets too

Very good service all round. Love the food, great prices and delivered quick.

George, 13 Dec 2020

Hi, the food was perfect except for some of the chicken chunk which had a strange colour on the meat when it Had been cut open. I can send a photo but this doesn’t look right and looked mouldy.

Christopher, 28 Nov 2020

Utterly fantastic food

Martin, 28 Nov 2020